Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a guarantee on Evergreen Grass?
We offer a ten year guarantee on the complete range of grasses which covers against discolouration and degradation.

What if I accidentally damage my lawn?
It is rare for a lawn to be damaged but there are sometimes moments of carelessness when people drop cigarettes or bar b que irresponsibly and cause burns to the grass. The only way to repair the affected area is to replace it with a new piece of grass. Contact Evergreen Grass for advice should you have a problem of this nature.

Can you use artificial grass as a driveway?
We do not recommend the use of Evergreen Grass for use in this situation. Driving on it will make damaging impressions and may even pull the fibres out.

Is Evergreen Grass affected by cold weather?
Temperatures experienced in the UK are unlikely to affect Evergreen Grass. There are drainage holes in the backing and it can often drain better than real grass. It is best to let snow melt naturally rather than trying to move it with tools which may damage the grass underneath.

What is Evergreen Grass made from?
Artificial grass is made from plastic polymers,polyethylene and polypropylene. It is made from a combination of these depending on what type of grass is required and for what use.

Can I use a vacuum cleaner to clean my Evergreen Grass?
Yes, using a vacuum cleaner is a very good way of collecting leaves together with a stiff brush to bring up the pile to keep your Evergreen Grass looking pristine.

Can you place garden furniture on artificial grass?
Yes, virtually anything can be put onto the lawn but we recommend that it is moved from time to time as it will compact the fibres. Brushing the affected area will bring the grass back to the upright position.

How do you clean artificial grass which is used by animals?
Evergreen Grass is easy to clean. Pet urine will drain through the backing but to keep the area fresh it should be washed with either soapy water or a disinfectant. More serious soiling should be cleaned up as soon as possible and the grass washed.

What maintenance is necessary?
The main advantage of artificial grass is that there is virtually no maintenance. Brushing and cleaning from time to time will help to keep up a good appearance.

Can Evergreen grass be installed on sloping ground?
Yes, Evergreen Grass can be securely installed on all contours and is especially useful in areas which would be difficult to mow.

Does Evergreen Grass drain like real grass?
Rain will drain from the lawn via the holes in the backing.

Can Evergreen Grass be installed on any type of surface?
Evergreen Grass can be (with suitable preparation) installed on most surfaces.

Does Evergreen Grass discolour or fade due to sunlight?
During the manufacturing process the grass is UV stabilised which ensures that the colour will not change.

Can children play safely on Evergreen Grass?
Yes, it will not burn or graze the skin. A cushioning matting underneath the grass can be installed to make falling less painful.