Money Back Guarantee

As a valued customer of Evergreen Grass, this guarantee means the total cost of your artificial grass can be refunded.

Evergreen Grass require just 10 successful customer recommendations and you will receive a full refund.

This is a lifetime ‘money back’ guarantee, with no time limits so start recommending today. You will of course receive £50 for each of the nine customers you recommend to us, then on the tenth you will receive a payment bringing your total recommendation fees to the total cost of your purchase.

10th RecommendationReceive back the total value of your original purchase!
1st Recommendation£50Total received£50
2nd Recommendation£50Total received£100
3rd Recommendation£50Total received£150
4th Recommendation£50Total received£200
5th Recommendation£50Total received£250
6th Recommendation£50Total received£300
7th Recommendation£50Total received£350
8th Recommendation£50Total received£400
9th Recommendation£50Total received£450