Artificial Grass Products

  • Arcadia 40mm Premium Artificial Grass

    With its long dense multi-toned grass C+D shape fibres, with a 6+6 stitch rate and ultra-thick supportive ‘thatch zone’, Arcadia has become even softer and more resilient than ever. The result is an artificial grass product that offers a totally uncompromised and unrivalled look and feel.

  • Oasis 38mm

    Luxury and High Density

    With spring back action, Oasis is an extremely dense C shape tri-coloured artificial grass, with a 6+6 stitch rate, constructed using the very latest in grass fibre technology. With a mixture of green tones that create a realistic thatch effect it looks and feels like newly laid lawn.

  • Windsor 35mm

    Super Soft

    With spring back action, Windsor now looks and feels even more realistic and authentic. The 35mm long grass C shape fibres allow this artificial grass to be more ‘open’ exposing more of the thatch, resulting in a deeper natural looking artificial grass, using a 6+6 stitch rate.

  • Balmoral 30mm

    Natural Looking and Super Soft

    With a 30mm pile height, long multi-toned natural grass fibres as well as a deep rooted ultra-realistic thatch effect using a 6+6 stitch rate, Balmoral represents unrivalled quality and has been improved for 2020.

  • Miami 28mm

    Ideal for a Luxury Play Area

    With a 28mm pile height and dense ‘C’ shaped fibres, Miami is a hard wearing and durable artificial grass very well suited for play areas, roof terraces and gardens. Using a 6+6 stitch rate it is also ideal for commercial applications.

  • Edinburgh 28mm

    A new high-quality addition to our product range and using the same soft, multi-toned fibres as our other grasses but with a 28mm pile height and a 6+6 stitch rate Edinburgh is an ideal product for play areas and roof gardens as well as lawns.

  • Emerald 25mm

    Just Like a Newly Mowed Lawn

    Using a C shaped yarn and with a 6+6 stitch rate Emerald is a short piled, high quality artificial grass ideal for any outdoor application from roof terraces to shops and showrooms.